Re-thinking measures of national wellbeing

September 17 / 197

On an almost daily basis we are warned about the shape of the nation’s finances, told statistics about market behaviour, frightened over housing unaffordability, and chastened over the amount of debt Australians have. What if this dire state of the economy we are told about is based on analysis of the wrong things?

Have you been following the ABC’s Revolution School documentary?

June 16 / 183

The trials, challenges, joys and disappointments of teaching secondary school students make captivating viewing in the new documentary Revolution School, currently half way through a four-episode run on ABC TV.

Mediation efforts help resolve social tensions in multilingual Myanmar

March 16 / 176

One of the University’s leading education academics, and an internationally regarded advisor on multilingual language policy, Professor Joseph Lo Bianco is currently forging the way in research and mediation efforts to resolve major social tensions in SE Asia.

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