University hosts Australian launch of Global Interdependence Day

September 11 / 69

More than 200 local and international students joined academics and musicians at Ormond College on Monday for the Australian launch of Global Interdependence Day.

The University’s event was part of the Global Interdependence Movement. It highlighted how international and local students developed relationships to promote peace around the world. 

The students also participated in several roundtable discussions on global issues such as nuclear disarmament, public health and Indigenous affairs.

Several noted experts spoke at the event, including the Director of the Australia India Institute, Professor Amitabh Mattoo, who led a session on disarmament.  He was joined by Phillip Green, Chief of Staff for the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Kevin Rudd, and the Chilean Consul-General Diego Velasco, who presented a song composed for the event.  

Professor Susan Elliott, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement), said the event was significant for the University community. 

“Global engagement is an essential aspect of all disciplines of higher education. As higher education becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, students will be better equipped to understand and influence interdependence.

“The diverse range of University students who participated had the chance to contribute to a truly global event by helping to draft a series of resolutions that were sent out to the world,” she said.

To mark the event, students released balloons carrying their messages for global interdependence. Messages were also filmed and sent to similar events around the world.

The Interdependent Movement focuses on working together as ‘nations and people’ in a world divided by conflict.   

It has grown since 2003 as part of a ‘citizens without borders’ campaign to tackle issues of international significance that reach beyond normal state boundaries like climate change.


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