Honorary Degree for Amos Oz

September 11 / 69

Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis with Dr Dvir Abramovich and Amos Oz
Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis with Dr Dvir Abramovich and Amos Oz

The University has conferred an honorary Doctor of Letters, the highest academic award, on celebrated international author Amos Oz in recognition of his contribution to literature, humanity and the pursuit of peace.

Dr Oz is the first Israeli citizen to be awarded an honorary degree by the University.

In announcing the award, Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis said: “In the face of continuing fanaticism and violence around the world, Amos Oz has clearly advocated the human need for compromise.

“Amos Oz has been one of the great and imaginative writers of modern times, and in his way, a person who has also shown great courage.”

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Director of the Centre for Jewish History and Culture, nominated Dr Oz and wrote the citation that was approved by the University Council.

“For 46 years, Amos Oz’s extraordinary body of work has cemented his status as one of the world’s finest novelists and thinkers,” he said. 

“This award is a testimony to his enduring cross-cultural appeal and the high regard in which he is held in around the world.”

The proceedings were attended by Amos Oz’s wife Nili, daughter Fania Oz- Salzberger and grandsons Dean and Nadav, as well as senior University staff and friends.

In his acceptance remarks, Dr Oz spoke about the need for a painful compromise.

He told the audience if he were to sum up his writings in sentence, it would be about “unhappy families”.

Dr Oz concluded his address by thanking the University for the great honour bestowed on him.

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