Did you know? The History of the University Unit

October 10 / 46

The History of the University Unit (HUU) promotes and facilitates research concerning the University and its community.

Established in 1995, it is administered through the School of Historical Studies within the Australian Centre.

HUU staff member Jessica Carniel says the unit provides a repository for the University's institutional memory.

"The unit provides a means by which we can celebrate achievements and explore staff and student experiences over time," she says.

It is also an important touchstone for researchers investigating historical figures associated with the University.

Each year, the unit provides funding to various projects which investigate, develop and present the history of the University of Melbourne.

The unit hosts seminar series which feature projects supported by the HUU small grants scheme and are attended by staff, students, alumni and the broader community.

Two series of papers on aspects of the University's History are published by the HUU.

The occasional papers are lengthy monographs which feature extensive illustrations. The working papers are more compact, and feature scholarship on topics related to the University's history.

Small research grants are awarded annually to support this research. These grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and are open to all researchers inside and outside the University community.

Dr Carniel says this kind of research is an important way of investing in the University and understanding it as a particular community, or set of communities.

A wide range of projects are underway. One project examines the life of Syd Rubbo and his role in the development of the Melbourne Bugs School, which will be featured in an HUU seminar later this year.

Another grant funds research into the life of historian Jessie Webb to develop a biographical play.

"We are also supporting a project to develop an animated walking tour of the Parkville campus," Ms Carniel says.

"The tour will highlight how it has changed and been developed over time."

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