The RIOT: research integrity training opens to our researchers

November 15 / 171

Research students and early career staff have an opportunity to take part in free research training, provide feedback and win prizes.


As part of the University’s drive to improve research integrity standards, a new online community has been launched to educate research students and early career researchers on many of the pressing issues facing younger researchers today.

Associate director of the University’s Office for Research Ethics and Integrity Dan Barr said the project was a great opportunity to make the University’s research community feel secure in knowing its output is of a high quality and produced with informed integrity, and that feedback has been positive.

Research Integrity Online Training, or RIOT, contains tailored content depending on the user’s field of research, and has been implemented through the Learning Management System’s online communities, where it’s accessible to all staff and students. The training courses are available in Arts, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. 

Courses cover basic research integrity, misconduct, professionalism, animal and human research, conflict of interest, plagiarism, authorship, scientific advocacy, and data management. Courses take one to two hours and are complemented by a quiz, the successful completion of which gives the user a certificate.

While RIOT currently exists online, there are plans to introduce complementary workshops.

“The workshops will be an amazing resource for younger researchers about areas they may not have covered as undergraduates. We want to set a common standard for research integrity across our entire community,” Dr Barr said.

Until the end of 2015, users who complete a RIOT course and provide feedback will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 10 $20 iTunes gift cards. 

For more information on RIOT, please visit

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