Lone Pine descendant planted on campus

November 15 / 171

One hundred years on from the Gallipoli landings, the University marked this year’s Remembrance Day by planting a Lone Pine tree descendant on campus.


This significant tree has been planted at the south west corner of the Chemistry building, near the Monash Road/Wilson Avenue roundabout, and was consecrated in an official ceremony led by Lt Col. Tom Nairn from Melbourne University Regiment.

The University’s Lone Pine was grown from a cone collected from the Lone Pine growing in Memorial Park, Maldon, to the rear of their War Memorial.

The pinecone was collected four years ago and germinated by Botany PhD student Daniel Ohlsen. Its provenance has been confirmed as a direct descendant of the Lone Pine tree destroyed in battle at Gallipoli. 

Five trees remain around Australia, planted from cones collected by two returning soldiers.

During the ceremony wreaths were laid by Brigadier David Westphalen and Lt Col. Nairn on behalf of the Melbourne University Regisment and Jacqueline Pascarl on behalf of the Defence Reserves Support.

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