Growing Green Guide wins Premier's Sustainability Award

November 15 / 170

A free, comprehensive and practical guide to the construction of green walls, roofs and facades, known as the Growing Green Guide for Melbourne, has won the Education category in this year's Premier's Sustainability Awards.

The Growing Green Guide for Melbourne project is a partnership between the University of Melbourne, Inner Melbourne Action Plan and the State Government. 

Co-developer of the Guide and lecturer in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences John Rayner said cities are losing vegetation cover as population density increases.

“For example in the City of Melbourne between 1988 and 2009 vegetation cover decreased from 24.6 to 13.6 per cent. The aim of the Growing Green Guide is to reverse this trend, and start increasing the amount of green space in cities.

“It’s a difficult field to negotiate, so we thought a local guide that covers design, construction and maintenance of green infrastructure would be useful.”

In 2011 Mr Rayner teamed up with City of Melbourne Coordinator of Green Infrastructure Gail Hall to develop the guide in collaboration with the Inner Melbourne Action Plan, and with funding from the Victorian Government’s Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership. 

Susan Murphy, now a lecturer in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, and project officer Julie Francis then spent two years writing and developing the guide with industry input.

Gerd Bossinger, Head of the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, congratulated everyone who contributed to the guide.

“The Premier’s Sustainability award is a wonderful recognition of individual efforts, but also highlights the impact that cutting-edge horticultural research can have on urban design and amenity in the face of a changing global climate,” Professor Bossinger said.

Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan said the Premier’s Sustainability Awards have become a flagship event for industry and practitioners.

“These projects deliver economic, environmental and social benefits, as well as inspire more organisations to think about their own sustainability efforts,” Mr Krpan said.

Read more about the Growing Green Guide on Pursuit

Story by Daryl Holland


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