Behind the scenes of our new brand campaign

November 15 / 170

By now most staff will have had a chance to check out the University’s new brand campaign and related collateral, including cinema advertising, outdoor billboards and digital and print media.

The theme of the campaign is around Collision, and is intended to share the idea that the best innovations come when knowledge is amplified by imagination – when great minds come together, sometimes from unexpected disciplines, we can answer some of the world’s most difficult questions.

The brand film  was a collaborative effort showcasing talent from across the university, including VCA Bachelor of Fine Arts students to create human sculptures of water, a tree and a skull.

As well as the actual brand film, you can watch a short video and meet the faces behind the film.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) student Jamie Laverty was interviewed for the ‘making of’ video, and said participation in the cast of the film was a fabulous opportunity: “You get to work with a few post VCA students (in the choreographers) so that’s very special and it’s quite inspiring to see where this course could take you in the future.”

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at the University Lara McKay has worked with staff across the University and advertising agency McCann to develop the campaign.

“This whole idea of collision is not just a tag line for us, we’re living it through this campaign,” she said. “We’ve got students here (helping make the brand film), we’ve got elite athletes, we’ve got staff coming along who are all really keen to take part. This is what happens at the University of Melbourne, it’s about people coming together: this collision is real and what comes out of collision is so important for us.

“We’re really proud of the work that does go on here, and this is a great way to celebrate it,” she said.


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