Melbourne Business School students contribute to closing the gap

November 14 / 149

L-R: Yang (Effie) Li, Chaoying (Carys) Yu, Wei (Sarah) Liu, Hilary Binks from the Melbourne Business Practicum
L-R: Yang (Effie) Li, Chaoying (Carys) Yu, Wei (Sarah) Liu, Hilary Binks from the Melbourne Business Practicum

Melbourne Business School (MBS) students have immersed themselves in Indigenous culture through a work experience program at the Kaiela Institute in Shepparton.

The institute supports collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to build an inclusive future for all people in the Goulburn–Murray region.

MBS graduate students Hilary Binks, Yang Li, Chaoying Yu and Wei Liu spent two weeks working at the institute as part of the Melbourne Business Practicum. 

The Melbourne Business Practicum subject sends small groups of students to external organisations to undertake a structured business planning or business development exercise.

The group were tasked with building on the 2009 Closing the Gap Report which identifies key indicators of community wellbeing. 

The MBS student group developed a report card that focused on four age cohorts: early years (0-5), young people (5-25), adults (25-50) and those aged 50 or older. The card categorised data from nine key research areas into these age brackets to improve the Closing the Gap: Shepparton Report. 

They also created data maps to identify areas of future research and to clearly identify any significant gaps in data sources.

The students all agreed that it was a fantastic and memorable experience, working with inspiring people. 

At the conclusion of the project, the students presented their final report to the Shepparton community at the Dungala Kaiela Oration on August 28 at the Rumbalara Football and Netball Club.

The Kaiela Institute was established to take a more strategic approach to community building by providing a place and a process for leaders and institutions to collaborate together.

It aims to create an environment that promotes collaboration, vision and aspiration to build a positive future for the community. 

The University of Melbourne and Kaiela Institute collaboration has seen MBS students undertaking work experience in Shepparton through the Melbourne Business Practicum since 2009.

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