My Melbourne with Alfredo Martinez-Exposito

November 13 / 124

My Melbourne with Alfredo Martinez-Exposito
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What is your title at the university?

I am Head of Languages and Linguistics that is in the Faculty of Arts. I am also Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies.

How long have you worked at the university?

This is my third year, so in February next year it will be a full three years.

What does your average day look like?

There is nothing like an ‘average day’ in my job. Everything happens to be different. Every day in the week has a special flavour to it. By and large, before breakfast each day I try to write for at least an hour or two. It is something sacred and I try not to compromise on that. After breakfast I come here and have a full morning of meetings and teaching. After lunch there are typically more meetings, revision with post-graduate students, emergency meetings and by 5.00pm or 6.00pm I call it a day.

What is your favourite place to eat on campus?

I have to say that the place that I use the most is in front of my computer, my desk. I tend to have a sandwich there. If I have some time between meetings I love the coffee at Professor’s Walk, La Bonne Bouffe and in this corner of the Parkville campus, there are places in the students’ area that I really love. You’ll see me there quite often.

What is your favourite part of working at the university?

Dealing with people, dealing with students and seeing how much talent is in the university. That’s fantastic really. The thing I really like about this university is that languages are taken seriously by the institution. This is not as common as you would think in Australia. There are places in Australia were languages other than English tend to occupy a very secondary position in the curriculum. But the University of Melbourne takes languages very seriously. There has been quite a lot of investment in languages over the last few years and now I am very happy to see the university very high up in rankings both nationally and internationally for the quality of our language teaching. If you couple that with the intense multicultural life that you can see and feel in Melbourne, the number of Asian languages, from Latin America, from Europe, that’s really amazing. I love it.

Have you received any advice you’d like to share?

A supervisor once told me that there is life after 5.00pm. You have a family, a private life and your hobbies. You have to pay attention to those things as well. So my advice is not to obsess about your university life and to pay attention to other things that are important in life.

What is something your colleagues don’t know about you?

So many things! I have a large number of hobbies. I love arts for instance; painting, photography, music (I play the piano and guitar) and I have two beautiful dogs. I like spending time with them and my partner.

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