UoM supporting this year's Vinnie's CEO Sleepout Victoria

May 17 / 193

The University is partnering with the St Vincent de Paul Society to host this year’s Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout Victoria in the Underground Carpark.

Provost Margaret Sheil and Head of University Services Paul Duldig will spend the night with more than 100 CEOs and senior people from industry, government and the education sector. Camping on cardboard on the concrete floor of the carpark, it should be pretty chilly by 22 June when the event’s scheduled!

The CEO Sleepout successfully raises awareness of the causes of homelessness in Australia, staging events and activations throughout the evening to help participants understand the many and sometimes surprising pathways to homelessness, through poverty, illness, family disruption and the like. 

This year’s theme ‘Face to Face with Poverty’ will explore issues around homelessness prevention and foster the idea that services are best provided before people find themselves without a place to live.

Professor Sheil is one of the 2017 Sleepout ambassadors, and says the University of Melbourne is proudly sponsoring the event this year.

“We see the very real effects of homelessness every day and night on our streets and in our parks,” she says, “but we have to look at the root causes of homelessness, which are often beyond the control of any individual. 

“Homelessness is a very real and very urgent issue that we need to address with support from both government and non-government sectors, and I’m looking forward to being a part of the conversation.”

Participants commit to raising $5000 each through their personal networks. Visit their campaign pages if you’d like to help Margaret or Paul reach their targets.

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