Student Precinct Engagement Office opens for business

May 16 / 182

The University’s Student Precinct Project has met a major milestone this month with the opening of an Engagement Office.

Located in the area of the new Student Precinct near the corner of Swanston and Grattan Streets, this public space will be a hub and base-camp for consultation and engagement as the Student Precinct Project progresses.

Students and members of the University community can visit the office to learn about the precinct and participate in activities at various stages of the project.

During the May consultation period, a ‘comment wall’ prompted people to share their views on current spaces and ideas for creating the new space.  A mobile office complete with a pop-up ‘comment wall’ was also set-up to engage people at popular locations including South Lawn and the Farmers’ Market.

Deputy Provost Professor Susan Elliott is Chair of the Student Precinct Steering Group which was established to deliver on the University’s commitment to co-create with students a vibrant new destination that transforms the Melbourne Student Experience.

“I hope that for many students that their University experience is as much social and personal as it is educational,” she explained.   

“Creating the new Student Precinct at Parkville will provide students with access to social, cultural and community opportunities that are pivotal in delivering a unique experience that meets the needs of current and future students.  The location also allows a close relationship between student support services and student-focused activities,” she added.

Central to the Student Precinct is creating new homes for the University of Melbourne Student Union and the Graduate Students Association and their associated student clubs and societies. 

“We're encouraged that the University is including GSA and UMSU in the development process, and the consultation is gaining momentum,” said GSA President Sina Khatami Mashhadi.  “Our aim will be for a strong student union identity to remain, and we will work to ensure that in this process there are no diminishment of the services, facilities and representation presently offered to the student cohort, but to build on it for the benefit of future students.”

UMSU President Tyson Kane Holloway-Clarke added, “the Student Precinct Engagement Office will help guide us all in the delivery of the project and I look forward to working with the University and the student body broadly to ensure that the Student Precinct delivers for students. The more engaged students are with the process, the louder our voices grow."

Run by Chancellery Projects, the Engagement Office, is located at the rear of the John Smyth Building and will be open for activities at various stages of the project. 

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Story by Helen Varnavas.

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