Student production explores modern narcissism 

May 15 / 158

Union House Theatre production 'Echo'
Union House Theatre production 'Echo'


The Union House Theatre investigates contemporary narcissism in a new multidisciplinary work, ‘Echo’.


The first production under Artistic Director Petra Kalive, ‘Echo’ presents a classical retelling the ancient myth of Narcissus, the beautiful youth who becomes enraptured by his own reflection in a pool and drowns, before exploding into a exploration of contemporary narcissism.


A 'cautionary tale for today' according to Ms Kalive, the play asks us to consider how narcissism manifests in contemporary culture – where do we sit on the spectrum, how does the personal affect the cultural, and have forces such as social media magnified our obsession with ourselves.


In a highly explorative and involved process, students devised the play in collaboration with Ms Kalive, creating their own roles and deeply considering what they wanted to say about narcissism.


“The students relished it, they were fabulous,” said Ms Kalive. “It was an unusual process for them, as most haven’t had to devise, they’re usually given roles. It was very exciting to see.”


Echo will be performed 22-23, 27-30 May at 7.30pm at the Union Theatre, ground floor, Union House. Tickets: Full $25/Concession $15.


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Access details: Auslan interpreted performance on Thursday 28 May. The Union Theatre is wheelchair accessible. For further accessibility information please call 83446975 or email

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