Professor Michael Goddard awarded prestigious Royal Society fellowship

May 15 / 158

Professorial Fellow in Animal Genetics, Michael Goddard
Professorial Fellow in Animal Genetics, Michael Goddard


Professorial Fellow in Animal Genetics, Michael Goddard has joined the ranks of the world’s finest scientific minds after being awarded the prestigious Royal Society Fellowship.


Professor Goddard, from the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, is known for his research into quantitative genetics and the genetic improvement of livestock, in particular by incorporation of molecular genetic data.


He co-proposed and developed 'genomic selection', an application of genomics to genetic improvement, which is being used world-wide in animal improvement programs and which also holds potential for plant and human applications.


Professor Goddard has made major contributions to understanding the genetic basis of quantitative genetic variation, showing that common SNPs can collectively account for much of the heritability, and to inferences on population history.


“I was thrilled and a little surprised to be elected,” Professor Goddard said. “There are very few Fellows who research genetic improvement of livestock so it is good to be elected personally and good that such an important discipline gets  publicised. My research has benefited greatly from the collaborators that I have worked with over the years and I thank them very much.”


The Fellowship of the Royal Society is made up of the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists in the Commonwealth. Past Fellows and Foreign Members have included Newton, Darwin, Einstein and Hawking.


Professor Goddard joins 47 outstanding scientists, including pioneers in climate modelling, the treatment of infectious diseases and plant genetics who received Fellowships.


President of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, welcomed the new Fellows and Foreign Members for 2015: “The scientists elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society this year are leaders in their fields and have contributed much to the scientific endeavour. We are delighted to welcome them alongside the likes of great British scientists such as Newton, Boyle and Darwin.”


Professor Goddard joins geologist Professor Roger Powell as one of two University of Melbourne scientists elected to the Royal Society this year. 

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