VCA and MCM students perform new work Dystopia

May 15 / 157

Dystopia. Image: Jeff Busby
Dystopia. Image: Jeff Busby

Choreographer Lina Limosani (BDance 1999) has been working with dance and production students from the Faculty of VCA and MCM to create a new full-length dance work, Dystopia.

Dystopia explores class distinction, power and exploitation. Using a stylised landscape filled with symbolism, and referencing Chinese sweatshops and an undermined working class, Dystopia is concerned with the ways in which our lifestyles are served by others.

Ms Limosani describes Dystopia as “a ‘genre mash-up' of tragi-comedy, contemporary dance and slapstick.” Eccentric characters with outrageous costuming and overt theatricality, as well as mundane, mechanical almost robotic like characters are bound together by a highly intricate dance vocabulary and compelling score. 

“The third year students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) program have worked at a remarkable level of professionalism during this intensive collaborative process,” said Ms Limosani. “With a diverse range of personalities, not only has each performer been challenged by the demands of the choreography and enthusiasm of the performance, but also in their ability to bring the best of themselves physically and mentally to this work.

“This new work development has encouraged them to express their own personalities and nuisances through their movement vocabulary, quietly developing specific traits of their characters.

“The collaboration for this project has been a pure treat. I have been fortunate enough to work closely with a visual dramaturg and costume designer, both from the Master of Design for Performance program, along with a lighting designer and production team from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) department. Their incredible approach and enthusiasm to involve themselves across all aspects of the work, has enabled me to have a solid team, a group of artists to which I can bounce ideas and seek support from.”

Dystopia runs at Gasworks from May 6-9, buy tickets online.

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