That’s a wrap: VCA Clickers One-Night Movie Making Competition

May 14 / 137

VCA students shoot short film The Package Out.
VCA students shoot short film The Package Out.

More than 50 enthusiastic filmmakers from the VCA, including first-year students and VCA staff have taken part in a unique artistic engagement competition. 

Student-run film society VCA Clickers hosted the event, which saw 13 teams receive either a mini-sized Rubik's cube or a tennis-ball sized planet Earth and a phrase (“can't get enough”).

They then had three hours to make a three-minute film, using the object and phrase to guide them.

The judges were VCA alumnus Jonathan Auf Der Heide, journalist and first female AFL umpire Chelsea Roffey; and lead vocalist for local band July Days Andy Moroney.  

They awarded several prizes, including Best Performance, Judges' Awards, and Best Film.

Event organiser Nicky Smith said the results of three hours of creativity, teamwork, skill, and experience - or, in some cases, beginner's enthusiasm - were nothing short of incredible. 

“Each film was exceptional and entertaining in its own way, and while some clear winners did emerge, all of the teams went home feeling like they'd accomplished, and watched, something great,” she said. 

“The overwhelmingly positive response means that hopefully this event will be repeated in 2015!”

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