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May 14 / 135

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Welcome to My Melbourne; I’m Stuart Winthrope. Today I’ll be talking to Danielle Clayman.

What is your job at the University? 

My job title is Wellness at Melbourne Program Coordinator.

And how long have you been with the University?

I've been with the University just under three years, almost 12 months in this position, prior to that two year in the medical school.

And what does your role involve?

My role involves looking at the health needs of the students, so assessing their physical and mental health and developing programs and initiatives to help students to stay well and succeed at their studies.

What is your favourite part about working at the University?

I think that my favourite thing about working here is just working in such a vibrant organisation. There is always something going on on any given day, and the opportunities we have as staff, be it lectures, campaigns, programs, professional development opportunities, educational initiatives – there’s just so much going on, that’s what I really like.

And do you have a favourite place to go for food and drink?

My favourite place would be Tsubu. I can often be found there at lunch time.

Have you been working on any campaigns or events recently?

I’m not sure if you’re aware but last week we had Wellness Week here at the Parkville campus. Wellness Week was a partnership between my position and the University of Melbourne Student Union. The idea was to raise awareness with the students about their health, especially coming up to the busy time of exams. There were around 25 health-focussed activities across the campus, all free-of-charge that students could take part in, with the aim to help students to look at ways they could reduce their own stress and succeed in their studies. So it was a fantastic week.

Can you tell me what some of those events were?

There was a really wide range of events. We had yoga, we had the Stress Less Puppies back again, we had bike and blend smoothies. We also had educational workshops on nutritional eating and budgeting as a student, University of Melbourne Sport ran some fantastic boot camps and other physical activity sessions and we also had some mindfulness meditation.

So coming off the back of Wellness Week, do you have any advice that you would offer for staff and students?

I think that my advice would be that physical and mental health is just so important., and it’s something that we all need to be really focussed on. So it’s great if people can take advantage of and connect to the different initiatives that the University of Melbourne runs to look at our health and wellbeing.

Is there anything that your colleagues might not know about you that you would like to share?

My colleagues might not know that prior to starting work in the area of wellbeing I was a teacher of Japanese. I was a fluent Japanese speaker, having spent quite a few years in Tokyo, and when I returned to Australia I used to teach Japanese in high schools.

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