My Melbourne with Camilla Orr-Thomson

May 13 / 110

My Melbourne with Camilla Orr-Thomson
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What’s your role at the University and your title?


I’m a Communications Officer at the University in the Newsroom. It’s also a part of my studies as a student, so it’s a part of the internship program and that experience goes towards my Master’s as well. 


How long have you been with the University?


I’ve been working part-time last year here and my new position now I’ve been in  since January. 


Has it been helpful that you’ve been in a role before your recent role?


It has been, it’s completely different in every department. I’ve been working at the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Engagement’s office, so that’s been a bit different.  The Newsroom has been fantastic and the team’s been amazing to work with. 


What’s your typical day like in University of Melbourne’s Communications?


It’s pretty diverse. We tend to write a lot of media releases, take a lot of enquiries from media, sometimes we end up in this studio doing live crosses. It’s really exciting being at the forefront of all the big issues every day.  


Is there something in particular you really enjoy about what you’re doing at the moment?


I really like putting together the articles for Voice and also doing films for Visions as well.  It’s quite fun going around the university and interviewing people, and learning about film, which is something I haven’t quite come across yet.  It’s a really good experience. 


Are you a coffee connoisseur or a drinker of coffee?


I’m not at all, but I do actually like getting a crepe before a class, which is my one little pleasure every week. It’s pretty exciting actually.


Is there something your colleagues wouldn’t know about you? Do you have a secret hobby?


I have a few secret hobbies but they all come back to the fact that I grew up with creative parents. My mom’s a sculptor and my dad’s a curator so I’m sort of a frustrated, creative at times. I love to garden and paint sometimes, it’s sort of an impulse, and cooking. It comes out at times when I wish it wouldn’t.


Is there any advice or wisdom you’d like to share or pass on to your coworkers at the University?


Just the advice I’ve been given since coming to work with the Newsroom.  Just to take every opportunity that you get and try to make it into something positive. It might be a bit daunting to begin with but it’s always pretty exciting and it’s always really rewarding to pull it off, I guess. 


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