New Scholarship for Bachelor of Science Student

March 14 / 131

Bachelor of Science student Adam Pyke has been awarded the University’s inaugural Indigenous Engineers: Engineering Pathway Scholarship.

The scholarship supports an Indigenous Bachelor of Science student to undertake postgraduate engineering studies.

The scholarship is valued at $75,000 over three years and comprises a $10 000 annual living allowance and $15 000 annual fee remission.

Mr Pyke started his Bachelor of Science degree this year, majoring in Geomatics. He said the scholarship offered a great incentive in reducing financial pressures and enabling him to focus on his studies.

When he finishes his undergraduate studies, he plans to study the Master of Engineering (Geomatics) degree.

“I was interested in design and architecture originally,” Mr Pyke said. 

“But, given my skills with mapping, and on advice from my curriculum advisors, I was encouraged to study Geomatics,” he said.

Mr Pyke said he was particularly encouraged by the fact that Geomatics graduates are in high demand and have many career opportunities.

He also competes nationally as a middle distance athlete, and is aiming to participate in this year’s World Junior Championships.

“It’s going to be a bit of a challenge to balance it, but once I get into the rhythm of study, I’ll be ok,” he said.

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