My Melbourne with Claudia Sandoval

March 14 / 131

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Hello, and welcome to My Melbourne. I’m Stavroula Psonis and today I’m joined by Claudia Sandoval.

What is you official title?

I am the Executive Officer, Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre at the Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne.

How long have you been here?

This is my fourth year with the University as well as in the educational sector.

Can you describe your typical working day?

It’s a very busy day. Generally I check and reply to emails, I have staff meetings and I deal with the financial, marketing, strategy and communications areas for the Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre.

What is your favourite thing about working for the University?

The thing I like the most about the University is the diversity. I like the wide range of diverse tasks and people and this was one of the factors I took into account when I applied for this role. Also, there is the possibility to learn from the wide diversity of tasks and the diverse background and points of view of staff.

Where is your favourite place to go for food or drinks at the University?

My favourite place for sweets and coffee is Bar Commercio, located at the Faculty of Business and Economics. The service is great and they have the best choc chip cookies.

Since you have been here, have you received any advice you would like to share with us?

Yes, the advice I was given when I started four years ago. The University gives you lots of opportunities, so you need to take them and learn from the experience.

Does your office have any events coming up you would like to share?

Yes, the Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre is being formally launched in a joint symposium with BioGrid Australia. We have invited several national and international researchers and experts in the field of clinical and translational research informatics, on 27 and 28 March, at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

Finally, is there something your colleagues might not know about you?

I used to be a fashion designer; I worked for several years in this field. I used to have my own brand and now I am fashion adviser for my family and friends.

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