Industry partnership to grow next generation of architects

March 14 / 131

Colour design scheme by Ella Leoncio Credit: Mim Design/Ella Leoncio/Bree Leech for Dulux.
Colour design scheme by Ella Leoncio Credit: Mim Design/Ella Leoncio/Bree Leech for Dulux.

A new partnership between Dulux Australia and the University’s Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning will create enhanced industry links in the areas of paints, colour and coatings, including developing cutting edge research.

The industry partnership with the University is the largest sponsorship of a university by Dulux Australia and demonstrates a commitment to world class built environment education.

The leading paint company will become the major sponsor of the new gallery space in the cutting edge Architecture, Building and Planning Faculty building to open in 2015.  It will also enhance students’ learning about current industry practice on paints, colour and coatings.

The partnership provides opportunities for research collaboration, with some projects already underway.

Sustainable Building Expert Mr Chris Jensen knows the benefits of marrying industry with research through his longstanding research with the company evaluating the effectiveness of Dulux cool roof coatings which reflect heat.

“Regardless of location, commercial buildings typically need year round cooling so high performance heat reflective coatings can provide major energy and CO2 savings for the construction and commercial industries,” he said.

For architect, design blogger and Melbourne graduate Ella Leoncio, the use of colour is integral to her every day.

“Understanding the subtleties of colour is an important tool for forming and creating a space. It can really change how a space feels,” she says.

It was through her blog Pages from my Moleskine that Dulux approached her to design sets with some of their forecasted colour palettes.

“For this project, showing people how to generate interesting spaces through the use of colour was a great creative process to undergo.”

Mr Phil White, General Manager, Trade Division, Dulux Australia says “This partnership with the University  builds on Dulux’ commitment to fostering the next generation of built environment professionals. We are proud to partner with such a prestigious institution.”

Tom Kvan, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning said, "the Faculty is very pleased to have the support of Dulux Australia for our future students, as like the company, we seek also to protect, maintain and enhance the spaces and places in which we live and work.”

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