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March 11 / 57

Elizabeth Newman, self portrait, 2010.
Elizabeth Newman, self portrait, 2010.

Every Thursday during Semester One, the VCA’s School of Art is hosting free Art Forums featuring guest speakers who will talk about their work and lead question and answer sessions.

Bianca Hester and Kate Just from the Art School are co-curating the forums, which feature speakers who work across multiple disciplines.

“This semester’s forums encompass painting, photography, sculpture, print media, installation, curation, performance, architecture and more,” Ms Just said. 

“Some of the speakers are emerging talents; others are established in their fields. Ultimately the selection was determined by our desire to present interesting, engaging artists with diverse practices, across various stages of their career so that students, staff and the public would be exposed to the broad spectrum of artistic practices and philosophies.”

Ms Just said it was particularly important to host forums which were accessible to visual arts students, who were acutely aware of and concerned with developing ways to make artistic practice outside University wide-ranging, experimental and communicative, to result in long-term visual arts careers.

“Students and the University community benefit from being able to access and communicate with many different, successful artists, who have forged interesting and challenging art practices, and achieved measures of success,” Ms Just said.

“Though the staff at VCA invariably provide this, the art forums augment this learning by bringing in a wider community of practitioners willing to share their experiences and elaborate in very specific ways on the methods, materials and ideas driving their practice.

“By providing a 30 minute question and answer session after each forum, students and the wider community are also able to ask speakers questions which help them better understand the life of an artist,” she said.

For members of the wider university community and the public, the art forums present an opportunity to learn about and enjoy the scope of practice within the visual arts."

The Semester One Art Forums are in the Art Auditorium, the School of Art, Gate 4, Dodds St, Southbank. Tomorrow’s forum will feature Alex Barker, who will reflect on the wide range of personal and cultural materials influencing his role as a curator and writer. Further information, http://vca.unimelb.edu.au/events/id/166.

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