Did you know? The University Copyright Office

March 11 / 56

The University Copyright Office works with staff and students to maximise the permitted uses of copyright material for education and research, and ensures the University community complies with its copyright obligations.

Copyright office staff also provide online information and resources, assistance with queries and training and awareness sessions.

Copyright is the term used to describe the rights given by law to the creator or author of a work to protect that work against unauthorised uses such as publishing or reproducing it without the permission of the copyright owner.

Copyright law also provides exceptions that allow limited use of copyright material for certain purposes such as education and research.

Manager of the University’s Copyright Office Helen Thomson said it was important the University had its own copyright specialists because copyright is an incredibly complex area.

“Having an in-house team ensures the University community can get detailed copyright information tailored specifically to their needs,” she said.

“We work with staff to help them maximise their ability to use material as allowed under copyright and to understand their rights as creators of copyright material.”

Ms Thomson said staff shouldn’t be afraid of copyright laws.

“There are lots of ways in which the Copyright Act allows you to use material and our staff can help the University community take advantage of them,” she said.

Copyright office staff also seek permission on behalf of other University staff to use copyright material for official purposes, which might include using material for University publications, web pages or events, and seek permission to use material for teaching when it is not covered by the educational provisions.

The office also incorporates a permissions service, which handles requests from external individuals or organisations to use material for which the University owns copyright.

For further information and to contact the copyright office, see http://www.unimelb.edu.au/copyright/contact.html.


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