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June 17 / 194

County Court Judge Wendy Wilmoth with Law student Pinar Tat
County Court Judge Wendy Wilmoth with Law student Pinar Tat

The University is looking for staff to mentor students in the faculties of Arts and Science, following successful mentoring programs in Law and Business and Economics.

“Everybody needs guidance to reach their potential,” says Louise Kellerman from the Student Success  team, “and there’s no greater support for students making their way than a mentor – someone who can provide advice and experience on a career journey.”

And thanks to Mentoring at Melbourne, both professional and academic staff have the opportunity to help build a whole community that enables every participant to succeed.

“Volunteering as a mentor doesn’t require a lot of time, but the effect it has on student lives is enormous,” Louise says. “The more mentors we can attract, the more students can benefit.”

Pinar Tat, a third year JD student in the Melbourne Law School, benefitted from her mentoring relationship with County Court Judge Wendy Wilmoth. With the job market getting ever tighter, receiving career inspiration was invaluable.

“I think I would like to become a judge one day,” Pinar says.

“When I expressed my interest in criminal law, Judge Wilmoth put me in touch with one of the partners of a criminal defence firm.”

The experience cemented Pinar’s belief that she was heading down the right career path. 

“I was lucky enough to be able to spend three weeks at the firm, through her recommendation, and this further solidified my interest in criminal law.”

Christopher Weinberg, a Faculty of Business and Economics alumnus, said the ability to both influence a student and have the capacity to reflect upon one's own experience are attractive reasons to mentor.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring experience, both in supporting a potential teacher and to help reflect on why I love teaching," he said.

"I can't wait to be involved again and help enthusiastic students more fully explore their potential career pathways."

With more mentoring options than ever before, you too can benefit from starting an enriching relationship with a Melbourne student.

Find out more about mentoring and being mentored.

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