70 reasons to love this place

June 17 / 194

Professor James grabbing a selfie with students
Professor James grabbing a selfie with students

This time last month the University officially welcomed 70 students from more than a dozen countries who are commencing their studies at Melbourne, thanks to sponsorship from either the Australian Government or a funding body back home. 

“We hold these events to introduce new students to a range of services,” says Director of External Relations Andrew Hockley, “but also to introduce them to each other and start building the bonds of friendship that make international study a life-changing experience.”

To a room filled with energy, enthusiasm and excitement, Deputy Provost (Academic and Undergraduate) Professor Richard James welcomed the students and special guest, the Vice-Consul from the Indonesian Consulate General, to our diverse and vibrant community.

“But, importantly, we also wanted to remind everyone how important they are in our University community,” says Professor James.

“To get to where you are today, you haven’t just been on a journey to achieve academic excellence, but also a cultural and social journey,” Professor James told the students, “one that may have involved being away from your family and at times taken you out of your comfort zone. 

“This resilience will no doubt serve you well during your time at the University of Melbourne and in the City of Melbourne. 

“I hope you’ll take this opportunity to make the most of your time at Melbourne for yourself, your family and your home country”, he said.

Professor James’ entreaty was backed up by three sponsored students from the Ecuador Research & Entrepreneurship Network, the Student Union, and Indonesia who shared their unique experiences and encouraged their peers to get involved in university life, make friends and work together to make an impact – while here and when they return home. 

Professor James finished off his remarks with a selfie. As Andrew Hockley says, “that makes 71 reasons to love this place”.   


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