My Melbourne with Meg Roche

June 14 / 138

My Melbourne with Meg Roche
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What is your role at the University?

I’m Partnerships Officer with the partnerships office at Murrup Barak, the Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development.

And what does that involve?

It involves lots of exciting things – I think the highlight of my year is organising the Narrm Oration, which is a public oration which happens every November, and involves a first nations person sourced somewhere globally. That’s probably my highlight. I also organise the Wominjeka, the Indigenous Welcome to Country. We are also at the moment working hard on the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which is the second for the University.

Can you tell me more about the Reconciliation Action Plan? What does that involve?

The Reconciliation Action Plan undertakes to work towards specific changes at the University to achieve some reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Currently we’re in the ideas and suggestions and feedback stage of the second RAP, and we’ve provided a template online for staff and students to feed back and shape their ideas and suggestions.

And what kind of feedback are you looking for from staff and students?

Absolutely anything really, and if it doesn’t fit in with the template, then just a simple email that says, ‘I’ve thought of this, and I wonder if we can involve that’ is fine. I think the University is so rich in the research that it does and the people that we employ that you’d be surprised at what crops up in people’s lives and creates an idea. It can be something really small that makes a big change.

It sounds like a great opportunity to get involved.


So how long have you been with the University?

I began my life at the University at the Victorian College of the Arts, which had an affiliation with the University, and then of course we became part of the University so officially I’ve been here over ten-and-a-half years.

Wow that’s excellent.

Yeah, it’s been a nice time.

So, is there anywhere that you like to go for food and coffee on-campus?

Yes, I like to go to Le Bon Bouffe in Union House, because I’m a soy-drinker and they don’t charge me extra for soy, they’re very friendly, and they make all their baguettes on-site. It’s nice food.

Is there anything your colleagues might not know about you that you’d be happy to share with us today?

Ah, there’s a tremendous amount my colleagues might not know about me, but perhaps that’s best kept with me.

International woman of mystery?

That’s right, I’m a spy.

This has been My Melbourne, thank you for joining us.


To make suggestions or give feedback for the Second Reconciliation Action Plan, download a feedback template here.

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