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June 11 / 62

Michael Yang receives an award from Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Margaret Abernethy
Michael Yang receives an award from Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Margaret Abernethy

Bachelor of Commerce student Michael Yang has joined not-for-profit group Carpets for Communities through the University’s Leadership, Involvement and Volunteer Experience Unit (LIVE). 

Mr Yang said he had long been interested in getting involved in volunteering and community issues; beginning his Bachelor of Commerce and accessing the LIVE unit made it possible.

“I wanted to get involved in the community and searching on LIVE provided a fantastic place to find opportunities to do so,” he said.

LIVE is an organising platform which gives students unique opportunities to get involved on and off campus in leadership, community engagement and volunteering activities, locally and globally.

Carpets for Communities offers immediate intervention to give at-risk children an education by empowering their mothers to produce fair-trade products which sell globally.

As a member of the corporate strategy and engagement team at Carpets for Communities’ Melbourne office, Mr Yang’s role includes approaching potential corporate buyers for the carpets.

“Carpets for Communities aims to stop the cycle of poverty by increasing the level of school enrolment and reducing the level of child labour in Cambodia,” he said. 

“CfC’s strategy empowers mothers to send their children to school through the production and sale of one-of-a-kind, hand-hooked carpets.” 

Mr Yang said his volunteer work also contributed to his studies. “It has been a really eye-opening, to see how macroeconomic concepts such as development and the multiplier work in practice,” he said. 

“Seeing the theory at work gave me a much greater appreciation of what I have learned in lectures.

“We are very privileged to study at one of the world’s leading institutions and I believe we have a responsibility to make the most of our knowledge and apply it in the real world and the wider community.”

Mr Wang was on the Faculty of Business and Economics Dean’s Honours List 2010 in recognition of his academic performance in the first year of his studies, and is about to join the Visiting Undergraduate Students program at Harvard University, where he will spend the next year.

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