New forum for debate on the state of democracy

July 15 / 162

Democracy renewal is a new forum for debate about the state of democracy
Democracy renewal is a new forum for debate about the state of democracy


The Melbourne School of Government has a launched a new forum for debate and discussion about the state of democracy and practical ways to improve it. has been designed as a place to engage with the latest expert opinion, reports and statistics from the University and elsewhere: from politicians, public servants and other leaders from Australia and around the world. 


Evidence suggests that democracy isn’t functioning as well as it could, both in Australia and other advanced democracies. Problems range from public distrust of politicians; public disengagement from politics; low-voter turnout; policy ‘short-termism’; political spin; and a feeling among many ordinary people that they have no influence over issues that matter to them.

“Confronting these issues in a frank and constructive way is the focus of DemocracyRenewal,” said Vice Chancellor, Glyn Davis.

“For interested readers and policy experts alike, it helps clarify many complex issues and debates. The site also points to new ways to re-engage citizens, improve policy processes, increase transparency in government decision-making, and adapt democratic systems in creative and innovative ways.

“Through the participation of many voices, I hope DemocracyRenewal will help inform a richer and deeper conversation about government and democracy,” said Professor Davis.


The Melbourne School of Government is a whole of University interdisciplinary school, providing a platform for informed, independent debate on contemporary issues of great significance to the future of Australia and our region.


Be part of a better system:, @Democracy_UoM


Story by Cathy Harper, Editor, DemocracyRenewal

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