Melbourne leads the nation in Future Fellowship awards

July 14 / 140

University researchers have been awarded the largest share of ARC Future Fellowships funding with more than $17 million allocated to support 22 outstanding researchers.

Education minister Christopher Pyne announced $115 million for the Fellowships today under the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Future Fellowships scheme.

Of the $115 million, $30.1 million will fund projects in Victoria.

The Future Fellowships scheme promotes research in areas of critical national importance by supporting outstanding mid-career researchers to conduct their research in Australia.

Recipient Dr Kalissa Alexeyeff from the School of Social and Political Sciences will look into the transforming Pacific and Pacific Islander migration, focusing on the Cook Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

Fellow recipient Dr Adam Uldrich from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology aims to provide insight into lipid-reactive T cells, which play a critical role in the immune system, protecting against a range of pathogens by detecting and responding to foreign molecules.

Other projects include research into Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, which have been shown to cause dramatic reproductive and developmental abnormalities in marsupials, through to developing optical technologies based on nanoscience.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research James McCluskey welcomed the news describing it as an outstanding result and congratulated the successful researchers.

“Melbourne researchers have been very successful reflecting the scale and quality of research undertaken at the University,” Professor McCluskey said.

“The success of Melbourne researchers in winning Future Fellowships highlights our ongoing commitment to the professional development of early and mid-career research staff, and our commitment to engaging in research that will have strong community and societal impact.”


2014 ARC Future Fellowship Recipients:

Dr Anoma D Pieris (Architecture, Business and Planning)

Dr Andrea Rizzi (Arts)

Dr Claire M Roberts (Arts)

Dr Nicholas A Thieberger (Arts)

Dr Adam P Uldrich (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

A/Prof Sally A Wood (Melbourne Business School)

A/Prof Michael J Zyphur (Business and Economics)

Dr Kalissa Alexeyeff (Arts)

Dr Olivia L Carter (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

Dr Francesca Cavalieri (Engineering)

Dr Justin Clemens (Arts)

A/Prof Kenneth B Crozier (Engineering)

Dr Timothy D Dempster (Science)

Dr Joanne M Devlin (Veterinary Science)

Dr Michael D Griffin (Science)

Dr Francesca A Martin (Arts)

A/Prof Girish N Nair (Engineering)

Dr Guillermo A Narsilio (Engineering)

Dr Jess Nithianantharajah (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

A/Prof Andrew J Pask (Science)

Dr Alice Pebay (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

Dr Brian A Petersen (Science)

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