My Melbourne with Lauren Rosewarne

July 13 / 115

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What’s your role at the University? 


Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the School of Social and Political Sciences and I’m the outgoing Honours Coordinator. 


How long have you been at the University?


Since 2000, so, forever. A third of my life 


How would you describe your typical day? 


That’s the good thing, there’s not a typical day, my work is a mixture of research, teaching, writing, media outreach stuff, and the less exciting stuff – committees, administration 


What’s the most interesting part of your job?


The writing and research in my area is the most interesting. I research on gender and sexuality and media, so anything about pop culture that has something to do with presentations of sexuality and gender tends to be what interests me. 


What’s something about yourself your colleagues may not know? 


I used to work in a dance studio before my time at the University – I was a Telemarketer at a Ballroom Dance studio. Regrettable, but nonetheless…


Can you share a good piece of advice you’ve received? 


My PhD supervisor really pushed me into doing a conference presentation at the beginning of my PhD.  I was so convinced I’d never do any media or public speaking, I was sure I’d be a research academic and then from that first presentation, I realised I had a love of public speaking and that presentation style, and it’s been up or downhill, from there. 


What’s your favourite thing about the University?


The very nature of my work, the way there is no typical day, suits my scatty personality, I’d rather not be doing the same thing for eight hours a day, so the fact my day can start at 8:00am with a text from the media office saying will I be on call to talk about the Royal Baby – you don’t get that in a lot of jobs. The day the baby was born I did a lot of media, radio and TV interviews, which makes the day unusual, as opposed to straight teaching or research. 


What’s your favourite place to eat or drink on campus?

Stove pot has just opened in the last couple of months, on the corner of Leicester and Queensberry, and I’m liking that at the moment. 


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