My Melbourne with Michael Tracey

July 13 / 113

My Melbourne with Michael Tracey
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What's your title?


Director of Campus planning at Property and Campus Services.


What does that mean?


It's a pretty varied job, I've got a small team of people and we have a range of responsibilities around feasibility for new buildings, assisting with the development of projects and applying university-wide standards so we are consistent.

I'm also the University's Landlord. We've got about 35 leases with external bodies and several leases we take on for our own needs.

It's a varied and challenging job. I always know when I get up in the morning that there will be a lot of different things to do each day. 

Describe your typical day

One project our team is focussed on is facilitating the development of the University's Master Plan refresh, which we're calling the Campus Development Framework 2013. It's an opportunity for us to look at the existing Master Plan and see how things have changed or evolved since it was published in 2008. 

We're focussing on aspects of use and utilisation, such as how we can improve the quality of the campus amenities, improve our relationship with the City of Melbourne by identifying some joint projects we can work on, and speculating on how things may look in the future. 

We're also taking the opportunity to canvass opinions from staff and students, through the Make My Uni website, and we're conducting quite a robust social media campaign. 

There are already some really interesting suggestions and proposals from a range of people, so we're looking forward to analysing them.


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What's your favourite thing about working at the University? 

The people we work with. I'm particularly privileged to meet a lot of students and staff who are extremely intelligent and articulate and doing some really amazing things.  I'm a former student of the University and it gets in your DNA. 

What's something about yourself your colleagues may not know? 


I trained as an architect and am registered, and early in my career I worked in Alice Springs and Cairns, so I've been exposed to a range of environments and project types. 


Where do you buy your coffee on campus?

As the University's Landlord I shouldn't really comment! I do stop at Kerekere, because it's convenient, but also I was involved in the set-up about five years ago and it's great to see how it's flourished, while still maintaining the social aspect of the business. 

What's a piece of advice you can share?

Talk to people, listen to them, get out and about, and talk. 

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