2012 Bachelor of Science Medal awarded

July 13 / 113

Dougal Davis has been awarded the 2012 Bachelor of Science Medal. The medal is awarded to the top-performing student in the program.

He is now studying the Master of Science in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, specialising in pure maths.

Mr Davis said he had loved science for as long as he could remember.

“My father is a physicist and used to tell me about cool and crazy things like relativity, quantum mechanics and astronomy,” he said. 

“My mother is a doctor and has always believed in a scientific approach to medicine. I picked up a passion for science at a very young age.

Mr Davis said it was the remarkable patterns and rules underpinning nature that first got him ‘hooked’ on Maths.

 “Mathematics gives us a way to understand those patterns,” he said.

His current research, in the field of moduli theory, involves the study of spaces of geometric objects.

In addition to his studies, Mr Davis is involved in mentoring and outreach programs including In2science (in which university maths and science students mentor primary or secondary school students) and TAP/SciFY (study groups for science students in their first semester at university).

He also volunteers at the Friday Night School in Richmond, tutoring students whose parents are unable to help with school work at home, and tutors with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Melbourne.

“Because I’m passionate about maths and science, I think everyone else should have the chance to become passionate about it too,” he said.

When Mr Davis finishes his MSc he hopes to do a PhD overseas.

“I'm fascinated by mathematical research and passionate about teaching. My plan is to become an academic and to continue with both these pursuits,” he said.

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