Did you know? MudFest 2011

July 11 / 65

From small beginnings as a student drama festival in 1990, the University’s biennial arts festival Mudfest has grown to become one of the biggest student arts and culture festivals in Australia.

The theme of this year’s festival is the Kaleidoscope of Imagination. 

Danielle Asciak and Justin Nott, Arts Officers at the student union, said the theme was chosen because this year, Mudfest was aiming to be an imaginative and colourful paradise of creative celebration.

“Mudfest will showcase creative works in visual art, dance and movement, sound installation, film, theatre, multimedia, creative writing, music, cabaret, comedy, fashion, photography, sculpture, spoken word, animation, physical performance, graphic art, artistic experimentation and all the inevitable collisions that occur between art forms,” Mr Nott said.

Member of this year’s organising committee Vicky Smith said one of the key differences about this year’s festival was that it was now back to its roots as an entirely student-run event.

“The second difference is that for the first time, the festival is aiming to be completely sustainable. As you can imagine, this presents a lot of challenges - from no printed posters or postcards for publicity to no disposable cups and plates,” she said.  

From the grand Opening Night Adventure Party, to the Day After Picnic and everything in between, Mudfest will brim with the vibrant energies of student artwork and performance. 

Vicky said the festival was important for many different reasons.  “It brings students together and gives them a chance to make and showcase their creativity on their terms, and provides important experience for budding artists, directors, publicists and producers. 

“The most important thing about it is, pure and simple, we really enjoy it. The amount of applications, and the number of students who are putting in hours and hours of their time voluntarily each week is proof of that. 

“I don't think that University should be about getting in and out with your degree as quickly as possible. Events like Mudfest are an important part of the student experience.” 

Mudfest opens on August 18 and runs until August 28.  For more information http://mudfest.org.au/ or email info.mudfest@gmail.com. 


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