Raimond Gaita brings Wednesday Lectures to Melbourne Law School

July 11 / 64

New Professorial Fellow in the Melbourne Law School (MLS) and the Faculty of Arts Raimond Gaita has hosted his annual Wednesday lectures at MLS for the first time.

For the past ten years, the Wednesday Lectures have seen philosophers, political theorists, lawyers, Aboriginal leaders, poets and others speak about topics as diverse as reconciliation, the invasion of Iraq, torture, the environment, multiculturalism, the invasion of Gaza, the relations between morality, law and politics and, most recently, international law.

Professor Gaita, a philosopher, academic and author, themed this year’s lectures Secrecy, Power and Democracy. Each of the free lectures saw members of the public join the University community to hear the thoughts and insights of writers, academics and commentators. 

Professor Gaita said the lectures made a real impact on Melbourne life, and had attracted large audiences.

“The lectures are given very seriously to an audience which is expected to think hard about the topics,” he said. 

“The success of the Wednesday Lectures is due largely to the fact that almost always the invited speakers rose to the challenge.” 

This year’s lecture series launched on 8 June with author, editor and writer Guy Rundle presenting From Cold War to Cyberwar: Power, the State and the Wikileaks Effect. 

“The theme of secrecy is relevant because of Wikileaks, a political event which defines to some degree our times,” Professor Gaita said. 

At the second lecture, Professor Gaita spoke on Power and Consent, and on 22 June he was joined by Robert Manne, Guy Rundle, and Melbourne Law School researcher Gerry Simpson in a panel discussion.

Last week, Kevin Heller presented Prosecuting WikiLeaks for Espionage, and tonight, Helen Pringle will present the final 2011 Wednesday lecture, Secrecy and Power in Democracy. 


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