My Melbourne with Liz Banks-Anderson

January 13 / 102

Liz Banks-Anderson from University Communications
Liz Banks-Anderson from University Communications

What is your unit?

University Communications.

What is your job title?

Communications Officer.

How long have you been with the University of Melbourne?

I’ve worked in this role for a little more than two years. I was also a student at the University so have been in the environment for a few years.

How did you come to work at the University?

I was working as a casual employee at the Eastern Precinct Student Centre after I graduated from a B.A (Media and Communications) and had returned from a few months travelling. When I saw this job advertised I thought it sounded like a great opportunity to gain a broad foundation in a communications role, in an interesting environment.

Describe your typical day.

Usually it starts by checking my emails and following up on tasks or arranging meetings. Depending on what I need to do on the day, I could be meeting with people to discuss plans for their communications needs, writing communications plans, editing content or writing articles for Voice. There’s always the odd spot of office banter, we’re a talkative bunch.

What is it about your job that holds your interest or is particularly satisfying?

I’ve always been interested in the media landscape and it’s a really exciting time to be working in media/communications because of all the new channels mean more opportunities to engage  people.

It’s exciting to explore new ways of communicating - there’s a lot of possibility.
In my role there have been a lot of new learning opportunities and every day there’s new research to hear about or promote and some interesting issues on which our academics can comment.

Helping people to get their message across as best they can and in interesting ways is also really satisfying.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

There are two rules to success:

1. Never reveal all that you know.

What is something about yourself that most of your colleagues wouldn't know?

I have a twin sister.

Where do you buy your coffee on campus?

We’re spoilt for choice. KereKere has always been a favourite. If anyone asks, I have a flat white with one…. Make sure you drop it off at our building before 9:00am

What do you like most about the University?

It’s a place of ideas. There’s always something interesting happening and opportunities to get involved with the University community. Most of all, I really like our team and the varied nature of the work.

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