Melbourne School of Design PhD researchers exhibit projects at Oculus

January 12 / 78

Convener and students at Oculus
Convener and students at Oculus

The Melbourne School of Design’s (MSD) annual EYES exhibition, which showcases its masters students’ work, has been expanded to include the school’s PhD researchers in the new accompanying annual exhibition, Oculus.

Oculus is Latin for eyes and the inspiration for the theme of the inaugural 2011 exhibition, ‘Visioning a compassionate environment’.

The exhibition was organised by five MSD graduate researchers who wanted to engage peoplewith their research projects visually, instead of articles and journals.

The MSD graduate researchers came from many countries, including Brazil, Iran, South Korea, China and Mexico, which facilitated a diverse world view in their work.

Convenor and professional architect Ted Yu-Shen Chen said Oculus not only embodied the real force of talent at the MSD, but cleverly communicated the inspiring and society changing research projects undertaken by the school’s graduate researchers. 

Mr Chen’s PhD focused on disaster reconstructon in Sri Lanka, focusing on the country seven years after the tsunami.

He said Oculus came about because of the graduate research students wanted to show their works to the public.

“Our research stems from many different areas. My own interest is in disaster reconstruction but we also have experts in construction, urban design and planning, sustainable fashion, eco-tourism, slum upgrading, sacred landscapes, architecture history, theory and education,” Mr Chen said.

“One of the best things about the Oculus was the opportunity to exhibit besides the masters students’ designs (EYES exhibition) so there is a cross-pollination of ideas between research and design students.”

Sixteen graduate researchers at various stages of candidature and from a variety of design disciplines, including architecture, building and planning, and fashion design exhibited their work. Each participant displayed an A1 sized poster with images that best represented their project. These were accompanied by a short description about their research and how it related to the exhibition’s theme.

Oculus will take place again in November.

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