University research helps turn Melbourne buildings 50 shades of green

February 14 / 130

Green Wall establishment, Growing Green Guide.
Green Wall establishment, Growing Green Guide.

The University has collaborated with local councils, the Victorian Government and industry experts in a three year-project which produced Victoria’s first Growing Green Guide, an online resource to help manage the impact of a changing climate in the city.

John Rayner, lecturer in urban horticulture, Melbourne School of Land and Environment, said the University’s research in green infrastructure over recent years ensured the guide was current and relevant for future urban projects in Victoria.

“We know green roofs, walls and facades provide many benefits for the environment and community, but having local guidelines on how to achieve these outcomes is a first in Australia,” he said. 

City of Melbourne Environment Councillor Arron Wood said the guide gave building owners and urban planners information on how to make the roofs, walls and facades of urban buildings work with the environment to cool city temperatures.

“Green walls, facades and rooftops not only look good, they help reduce the heat island effect where cities can be 4 to 7 degrees hotter than surrounding suburbs,” he said. 

A container covered with green roofs, walls and facades will be displayed at City Square from mid-March to show the benefits of an urban green environment.  

The guide is available at:


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