Science students receive awards to pursue microbiology and immunology experience

February 14 / 130

Image caption: Liz Hartland, Eddie Chen, Susan Keyes-Pearce, Miku Kuba
Image caption: Liz Hartland, Eddie Chen, Susan Keyes-Pearce, Miku Kuba

Two Bachelor of Science students, Eddie Chen and Miku Kuba, have received the University’s Keyes-Pearce Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory Experience Award to gain practical research experience.

The award rewards passionate and motivated Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Biomedicine undergraduate students who have completed their second year of studies in microbiology or immunology.

Students are awarded with a four-week microbiology or immunology laboratory experience, followed by support to attend the Lorne Infection and Immunity conference.

The awards are made possible by generous support provided by Dr Susan Keyes-Pearce, an alumna of the department and former staff member. With a wide-ranging and diverse career, including tertiary teaching and management consulting, Susan wanted to give laboratory expereince to students based on their passion for the science rather than just good marks and saw her philanthropy as a way to achieve something that was mutually rewarding.

Mr Chen and Ms Kuba said they were delighted to receive this opportunity in the early stages of their undergraduate degrees. 

“This lab experience will provide me with a unique opportunity to witness the work of modern science and learn from leading scientists. 

“I believe that in the 21st Century we must work together to each solve a piece of the puzzle,” Mr Chen said.

Professor Elizabeth Hartland, the Head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, added her support for this award. 

“This learning opportunity allows undergraduate students to appreciate the work that highly trained scientists do in the laboratory and the challenges they face every day in experimental research,” she said.

“The further opportunity to attend the Lorne Infection and Immunity conference exposes the students to high profile scientists from Australia and around the world – it’s a very special experience.”

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