Premier launches Dean of Veterinary Science’s book

February 14 / 130

Premier Denis Napthine launches Professor Ken Hinchcliff's book.
Premier Denis Napthine launches Professor Ken Hinchcliff's book.

Premier Denis Napthine launched the Dean of Veterinary Science Professor Ken Hinchcliff’s book on 27 February at a gathering of guests, students and alumni at University House.

The book, Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery: basic and clinical sciences of the equine athlete, covers both basic and clinical science skills needed for managing athletic horses in racing and dressage. 

Premier Napthine, an alumnus of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, praised the book as an important reference text for those involved in equine sports, which play an integral role in the Victorian and Australian economy.

“I’ve had the pleasure over the last few weeks to be able to have a preview copy .I am impressed by the quality of the book and the content, and the easiness to read for someone who has been out of veterinary science for some years.

“This book will not only be of value to Victoria, but to Australia and to the world,” Dr Napthine said.

The Premier also spoke about his memories of veterinary school at the University, praising the expertise of professors past and present and reflecting on the relationship between equine medicine and the equine sports industry. 

 “When you look at the people who are contributors to the book, they are the who’s who of equine industries and particularly equine industries around the world,” he said.

Professor Hinchcliff said the book was a labour of love. 

“There’s something almost visceral about the relationship between people and horses and while we use them now primarily for recreation they are still important animals for us,” he said.

Professor Hinchcliff is internationally recognised as a scholar of veterinary internal medicine and exercise physiology. He joined the University in 2007 after working at Ohio State University, where he was the Head of Equine Medicine and Surgery. 

He has published more than 150 scientific publications in professional journals and he is the co-editor of one of the world’s leading veterinary publications – the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

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