VCA Fine Art student explores problem solving through art

February 14 / 129

In his first exhibit displayed at the George Paton Gallery, ‘The problem is in the solution’, Victorian College of the Arts student Nick Ryrie has explored how solving successive problems can be interpreted through patterns.

The paintings reveal how solutions to problems often raise further questions. 

Mr Ryrie has used a variety of formulas to create different geometric patterns which help interpret sound and movement in the process of problem solving.

He said these patterns reflected what happens in day-to-day existence, where solutions to problems can be seen in hindsight.

"You'd think there would be a solution at the end of each problem, but the pattern continues until the next problem requires a solution," he said.

Mr Ryrie has just started his final year of his Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, and said he was honoured to display his art work.

“Abstract art interests me because it best expresses the things we struggle to communicate by giving a language to the ideas and thoughts that are not readily articulated,” he said.

The exhibition is at the George Paton Gallery: Entrance Gallery from 25 February to 6 March.

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