Al Jazeera internship for media student

February 14 / 129

Postgraduate student Kosta Pandos has completed an editorial internship at Al Jazeera’s Asia studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The internship provided Mr Pandos with unique practical experience and completed part of the requirements of his postgraduate course, the Master of Global Media Communication.

He secured the internship through a conversation with Drew Ambrose, presenter of the network’s Asian current affairs program 101 East, after a guest lecture in 2013.

Two University scholarships, the Global Mobility and Graduate Internship scholarships, helped fund the trip. 

During the internship, Mr Pandos planned programs, edited content for local broadcasts and directed and produced local content.

He said his work on a story for a Philippines gun culture show, Stray Bullets, was a particular highlight. 

“The production team had to be mindful of local gang and police politics, so I suggested the team accompany the paramedics rather than police, to be closer to the action and safer,” he said. 

Mr Pandos was also responsible for promoting 101 East’s programs on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

This was his first visit to Malaysia. Mr Pandos said it was a positive cultural and intellectual experience. 

“I loved the humidity, food and night life in Kuala Lumpur, particularly the city’s Jalan Alor strip,” he said. 

 “I will genuinely miss the Malaysian lifestyle when I arrive back in Australia. 

“I recommend other media students undertake an overseas internship or work experience as it provides you with an invaluable international perspective.”

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