Sam Berkovic and Bruce McKellar receive Australia Day Honours

February 14 / 128

Professor Sam Berkovic, a world-leading clinical neurologist and Professor Bruce McKellar, internationally renowned physicist, have been recognised as Companions of the Order of Australia in this year’s Australia Day Honours.

The Companion of the Order of Australia is awarded for eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Australia or humanity at large.

Professor Sam Berkovic, Laureate Professor in the Department of Medicine and Director of the Epilepsy Research Centre at Austin Health, is a clinical neurologist who discovered the first known epilepsy gene.

His work has placed Australia at the forefront of the world’s epilepsy research by contributing to a deeper understanding of the causes of epilepsy and strategies for diagnosis and development of new treatments.

Renowned physicist Professor Bruce McKellar is an honorary professorial fellow at the University and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale.

He is an internationally recognised physicist and his work has applications in photography, atmospherics physics and geophysics, and implications for pure mathematics.

His achievements include being an instrumental member of the first Australian Research Council, Foreign Secretary of the Australian Academy of Science and contribution to the United Nations Conference on sustainable development.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis congratulated Professors Berkovic and McKellar on their recognition.

“Their quiet determination to share their knowledge and enrich our community is a valuable strength. They have made exceptional contributions to their individual fields.”

Professor Davis also congratulated all those associated with the University who have been honoured on Australia Day 2014. These inlcude Professor Ruth Fincher, Professor Ed Byrne, Peter Jopling QC, Rev Fr Michael Eliigate, Professor Rob Moodie, Dr Rosemary Lester, Associate Professor James King, Professor John Olver and actor Geoffrey Rush.



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