Veterinary Science makes major appointment in cattle and sheep health

February 11 / 54

The Faculty of Veterinary Science has appointed Professor Andrew Fisher as its inaugural Chair of Cattle and Sheep Production Medicine.

Professor Fisher will lead scholarship in production medicine of cattle and sheep.

In consultation with industry stakeholders, he will develop a program of activities, including research, teaching and outreach which will enable identification and development of solutions for some of the major problems affecting animal health and productivity, including their commercial impact.

The appointment was made possible by generous donations from the estates of the late R.C. and E.C. Webb - former servicemen (and later graziers), who were well-known and respected in Seymour, Victoria. Both men generously bequeathed their estate to fund agricultural research in Victoria.

Professor Fisher was first appointed to the Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2009 as an Associate Professor in Production Animal Management and Welfare, in a joint appointment with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. He has significant experience in the area of production animal management, including animal welfare.

Professor Ken Hinchcliff, Dean of the Faculty of Vet Science said: "it goes without saying we needed to appoint an experienced veterinarian with a strong understanding of the agricultural industries and demonstrated capacity to form teams to address complex problems.

“But most importantly we needed someone who, as well as possessing excellence in research, leadership and teaching, can relate to, engage and consult extensively with industry stakeholders throughout the region.”

In 2010, Professor Fisher was awarded Fellowship (by examination) of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, and over the past eight years, with the University and CSIRO, has led teams that have successfully identified and addressed key issues for livestock industries, including enhanced feeding systems and research on parasites.

Professsor Fisher said “ I am excited by this opportunity to  contribute to knowledge and practice in animal health and welfare, and to work with other colleagues, organisations and industry members to benefit the sheep, beef cattle and dairy farming industries.

“Livestock health is an issue that Australia can not afford to take for granted, and I look forward to continuing our work at the Faculty with the DPI, veterinary practitioners and producers in safeguarding and enhancing the health status of our animals.”

 Dr Fisher will provide a lecture titled: 'One Health: why cattle and sheep health count' on Thursday 17 February from 6.00 – 7.00pm.

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