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December 14 / 150

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Welcome to My Melbourne. I’m Daryl Holland, and joining me today is Andrew Hockley. Hi Andrew. 

Daryl, how are you?

Good thanks. What is your job title?

On my business card it says Director of External Relations at the University.

And how long have you been here?

All of seven weeks.

Seven weeks, okay! So by now you hopefully have a reasonable idea of what you do – what does your job entail?

Look at the moment it mostly involves taking the credit for the terrific work of our onshore recruitment team, our offshore recruitment team – that’s student recruitment – as well as teams who look after marketing strategy, marketing planning, content including the University’s websites, advertising and marketing efforts, market research, printing and publishing and our terrific little international relations team, who works out of what I like to call the Embassy over at Faraday St. It’s a reasonably diverse team of people who all do bits and pieces contributing to the University’s reputation in the outside world. 

And in your short time here what have you enjoyed most about being at the University?

Oh, I’ve just come from Canberra, and I’ve been working up there for the last three or four years and to be honest the best part about being at the University is not being in Canberra – but the campus is a fantastic place to work. There’s a real energy around the campus, there’s a lot of history. We’re very fortunate to work in place that’s got so many smart people, clever people, people who are making a contribution to the world in so many different ways. There’s just such a lot of diversity, as well as so much energy around the place, which is great.

Have you managed to find a favourite coffee place yet?

Well, having come from Canberra – in fact, when I first arrived in Canberra I asked around for the best place to get a coffee and one of the guys that was on the reception desk of the office I was working basically said, ‘Well, the best place to get a coffee around here is Melbourne.’ So! 

I haven’t had a bad coffee since I’ve been on campus, and I think it’s probably going to stay that way. I won’t nominate a particular coffee because I think that’d be unfair – it’s all pretty good actually. 

Great. And finally, what’s something that your new colleagues might not know about you?

You warned me you were going to ask that question… There’s a whole lot of stuff that my colleagues might not want to know about me but I guess probably the silliest thing is that I did play, many years ago, second trombone in the City of Moorabbin Brass Band. I wasn’t that great at the trombone; I was only marginally better than I was at marching. 

For what it’s worth, actually, let’s start an internet meme. One of the things that I can do that I’ve never met anyone else that can do is this: for those of you watching this interview, if you can do that (moves his fingers in a Macarena-like fashion, albeit in opposite directions), come and see me and we can start up a society of badly-brain-wired people.

I’ll start practising. 

Ha, good on you.

All right, well thank you very much for joining us, Andrew.

Thanks Daryl, all the best, thank you.

And that’s My Melbourne.

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