My Melbourne with Hoi-Fei Mok

December 13 / 126

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What is your role at the University?

I’m a PhD student with the School of Land and Environment.

How long have you been at the University?

Almost two years as a PhD student and will finish in another six months.

What is the topic of your PhD?

My topic is on the feasibility of wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation. Basically, wastewater is treated sewerage and we’re looking into new ways to reuse treated sewerage to irrigate vegetables.

Can you tell us about the other project you are working on?

Back in August I was a delegate at Youth Ag Summit in Calgary, Canada. Basically, it was a gathering of 120 youths from around the world gathering to talk about food security and we came up with a global vision which was to work to increase access on nutrient dense food for women and children around the world. There was a board that was elected and we are all working towards this global vision of ours. In addition to that global vision, we have also come up with individual goals to try to increase food security around the world.

What goal are you working on?

I’m also an artist so I’m trying to work on increasing awareness about food issues through art.

What does your typical day look like?

At the moment I am doing a lot of risk modeling so I am currently doing a lot of coding and rewriting code.

Where do you like to go for coffee or lunch on campus?

The Student Union is pretty good for that, particularly the Co-op on the second floor. Its great.

What’s the best part of being at the university?

It’s a really great mix of people. I have met a lot of interesting and diverse individuals, especially because the graduate school is a real mix of international students that I wouldn’t normally meet.

Have you received any good advice during your studies?

Always read journals. Lots of journals.

What is something about you that your colleagues don’t know?

They probably wouldn’t guess that I do a lot of art. I do a lot of painting and zine making. For the next few weeks over the break I’ll be painting a mural on our living room wall of a bird flying over some mountains.

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