Guest Column

Guest Column by Waste and Recycling Coordinator Judith Alcorn

July 13 / 115

Four years ago an audit of the University of Melbourne’s waste and recycling bins found that only 16 per cent by weight of all the materials coming through our institution was ending up recycled.

Guest Column by Professor Helen Sullivan

June 13 / 112

Yesterday the University launched the Melbourne School of Government, a pan-university graduate school that aims to make a major contribution to finding workable solutions to the challenges facing governments and policy makers, nationally and internationally.

Guest Column with Siobhan O’Sullivan

June 13 / 111

The University of Melbourne is fast gaining a reputation as a hub for the study of nonhuman animals. While the University has a long history undertaking research and teaching in the fields of veterinary medicine; biological sciences; and animal welfare science, it is now increasingly contributing to discussions about the relationship between human and nonhuman animals and in turn the relationship between humans and the natural world. This emerging field of academic inquiry is often referred to as human-animal studies (HAS) and is typically undertaken by scholars working within the social sciences, humanities, law and the creative arts. 

Guest Column with Lauren Rosewarne

May 13 / 110

Sex, politics, and religion. Three topics routinely considered off-limits in polite company—in mixed company; in refined company. Three subjects deemed personal, inflammatory, and best avoided out of respect, consideration, and diplomacy.

Guest Column with Brendan O’Keefe

April 13 / 108

It’s not every day you get asked to audit and catalogue hundreds of university websites, some of them dating back to the early 1990s and the early days of the internet in Australia. This unique project has seen us uncover some lost gems of the university’s web presence, and some of the intriguing people and stories behind our own web history.

Guest Column with Professor Bernadette McSherry

April 13 / 107

‘Social Equity’ sounds like an important and worthwhile concept, but it can mean very different things to different people. Part of the problem in trying to define this concept is that it reflects ideas of ‘fairness’ and ‘justness’ which are based on moral values and considerations.  What one person thinks is fair may differ markedly from what another thinks is fair.

Guest Column with Dean Merlino

March 13 / 105

Community Cultural Development (community arts) has long defined the space where social engagement and cultural practice meet.

The Science of Communication

February 13 / 103

Scientists can often get caught in the realm of ‘scientific writing’ which is dense and hard to read.

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