Guest Column

Cruising the Indian Ocean for science

October 14 / 146

Computational biologist Dr Gayle Philip from the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI) at the University earlier this year took time out from her research in cancer genetics to join a voyage on the Indigo V Expedition.

Protecting sources: Lessons from whistleblowers

August 14 / 141

Master of Journalism student Daryl Holland recounts the lesson learnt from US whistleblower Thomas Drake, about the importance of protecting all communications with sources.

Witness Seminar: How harm reduction and community involvement stopped the spread of AIDS

July 14 / 140

James Waghorne recounts the Witness Seminar: Communication and Health Policy Creation during the Australian AIDS Crisis. Dr Waghorne is Research Officer at the History of the University Unit.

Profits, death and disease: big tobacco’s business model

June 14 / 138

One billion people are expected to die as a result of smoking this century. But globally, tobacco remains a growth industry, writes Professor of Public Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Rob Moodie.

Interview: Malcolm Fraser on Australian foreign policy and the role of universities

May 14 / 137

In his latest book Dangerous Allies (on sale now from Melbourne University Publishing) Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and University PhD candidate Cain Roberts examine Australia's history of strategic dependence on Great Britain and the United States, and question the wisdom of this position in the future. 

MUSSE editor Stuart Winthrope asked Mr Fraser what role Australia should play internationally, and how universities could prepare graduates for the foreign policy challenges of the 21st century.

Indonesian election: Runners declared in two-horse race

May 14 / 136

Election Watch Project Officer Lily Yulianti Farid examines the candidates vying for the presidency of Southeast Asia’s largest nation. 

Guest Column by Bjorn Nansen

April 14 / 134

How is the internet changing commemoration practices?

Guest Column with Antje Missbach

April 14 / 132

Asylum seekers stuck in transit: do we protect borders or people? 

Guest Column with Jim Bowler

February 14 / 130

Mungo Man is a physical reminder of the need for Indigenous recognition. Forty years on from the discovery of Mungo Man, what he represents is as pertinent now as ever.

A Week In Sochi

February 14 / 129

Ski cross athlete and Masters of Property student Katya Crema reflects on a hectic first week at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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