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Did you know? The Melbourne Research Institutes

April 11 / 59

The University of Melbourne aspires to be a publicly spirited institution. In terms of the research agenda, this means harnessing the University's great research strengths in the pursuit of pressing societal problems. To facilitate this, the University has established five Melbourne Research Institutes to complement its already established research centres and institutes.

The Physics Lawn ‘Crown’

April 11 / 58

In 1985, Professor Tony Klein, from the School of Physics, while walking by the river in Abbotsford, saw an intriguing 19th century industrial artefact in the maintenance yards of Carlton and United Breweries in Abbotsford.

Did you know? The VCA Art Forums

March 11 / 57

Every Thursday during Semester One, the VCA’s School of Art is hosting free Art Forums featuring guest speakers who will talk about their work and lead question and answer sessions.

Did you know? The University Copyright Office

March 11 / 56

The University Copyright Office works with staff and students to maximise the permitted uses of copyright material for education and research, and ensures the University community complies with its copyright obligations.

Did you know? Melbourne in the media – the 2010 wrap

March 11 / 55

In 2010, the University was mentioned 42,275 times in the media. Most of these mentions related to our academics’ research and comment provided by our experts on the year’s events.

Did you know? The Medical History Museum

February 11 / 54

The University’s Medical History Museum is one of more than 30 cultural collections at the University, and is part of the Melbourne Medical School.

University of Melbourne EyeCare

February 11 / 53

The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences operates the University of Melbourne’s EyeCare practice, which offers patient care primarily for University staff and students, but is also open to the public and for specialist referral by other practitioners.

Did you know? Dookie Campus

January 11 / 52

This year, the University will celebrate the 125 years of research and teaching at Dookie Campus.

Did you know? The Executive Master of Arts

December 10 / 51

Students from the first cohort of the University's Executive Master of Arts (EMA) will graduate during the next two weeks.

Did you know? The University Mailroom

December 10 / 50

The University's Mailroom at 688 Elizabeth St processes more than 4000 letters, 400 parcels, 100 registered letters and 30 tubs of large mail sent to the University each day.

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