Now 17, HILDA shines a spotlight on today’s Australia

August 17 / 196

Early this month the annual Housing, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia 2017 Survey was launched by the Melbourne Institute. Known colloquially as HILDA, this year’s survey – the 17th consecutive – was led by the Faculty of Business and Economics’ Professor Roger Wilkins.

“This is, traditionally, one of biggest media days at the University of Melbourne,” says External Relations Associate Director of Publishing and Media, Phillip Gardner.

“Our digital, Pursuit, media, podcast and social media teams worked closely with Professor Wilkins and the communications team in FBE to create some incredible content,” says Phil. “This includes, for the first time, a two-minute animation that tells the HILDA story, plus an upgraded and souped-up version of the interactive widget.”

This year’s HILDA report has, in Phil’s opinion, led to very readable, very shareable and very publishable content, for both internal UoM channels and external media sites.

Professor Wilkins’ main HILDA wrap, which includes the animation and widget, on how the intergenerational wealth divide is biting and leaving young Australians financially vulnerable, led the coverage on Pursuit. 

This article featured the two-minute animation by Lucy Fahey, with voiceover by Chris Hatzis, and has been republished in full on mainstream news digital sites and adapted by TV news broadcasts.

Also part of the coverage Faulty of Arts’ Dr Hannah McCann wrote on the increasing number of Australians supporting gay rights, FBE’s Professor Mark Wooden’s on gambling, and Professor Wilkins an overarching review of what 17 years of data tells us about Australia. 

Download the complete HILDA 2017 Survey here.





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