Selfies in the field

August 15 / 165


University researchers are being asked to take selfies ‘in the field’, giving the rest of us the opportunity to sight them in their natural habitats!


A fun, accessible way to engage with the community, the #SelfiesInTheField social media campaign will provide a unique insight into the work our researchers do, from geology in remote southern Madagascar, to liquid Chlorophyll in the lab.


The selfies have already started to flow in, but there’s plenty of room for more. The project will launch in late September.  For more information about how to get involved, please see the Selfies in the field introduction on Facebook.


Here’s an example of Catherine Wheller's post, with the photo above in the banner:


"I'm working in remote southern Madagascar to discover the processes involved in the evolution of rocks formed deep in mountain belts.  My work will result in developments on how minerals form at high-temperature as well as new knowledge in the formation conditions of Madagascar and the supercontinent Gondwana. Seen plenty of rocks, but only one lemur!" #SelfiesInTheField


--Catherine Wheller

PhD in Geology


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